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5 Types of Korean Perm for K-pop Fans

No, there isn’t one true way Korean Perm should look. It is a framework where hair stylists can apply their creativity to engender work of art, one that can be very different from each other. In fact, there are many variants that stem from the essence of Korean Perm – fashionable in a natural and subtle manner. We have shortlisted 5 of these variants for you to try!

S Curl

This is the stereotypical Korean Perm look. Natural, elegant, yet grandeur. A complicated mixture of inviting yet imposing. The term S is named after the curl shape that looks like the letter ‘S’.

C Curl

Youthful elegance. This style makes it feel like you just came out of a High School Themed Korean Drama. Yes, you guessed it right! The curls have a semicircle ‘C’ shape.

Korean Loose Wave

Smaller and thinner sections than the S Curl. Rods used are also bigger to give a looser curl. This stylegives an edgier look whilst retaining some hints of softness and subtlety.

Korean Beach Wave

The perfect look for Nami Island. It is similar to the Korean Loose Wave, albeit with a more beachy, windy vibe. It is also less messy and tends to have straighter ends.

Down Perm

Lastly, our male representative. Asian guys usually have this problem of mushroom head with bulging sides.

Well if you’re sick of shaving the sides short, you can try Down Perm. The sides are permed downwards while the other parts can be permed or styled based on your desired look.

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