Test MIDANIA illus

Kingdom of Midania


Midania had its fair share of bloodshed and chaos, a natural manifestation of the feudal system. No this is not a tale of knights and barons, jesters and guilds. That, my friend, is a story for another day. Today, we shall rejoice in the celebration of Mila’s 18th birthday, the heiress of Midania after the Golden War. The only Midania that Mila knew was one that was unified, peaceful and full of rigor and vigor.

The streets of Midania were painted in a myriad of colors, as Princess Mila was indecisive when it came to picking her favourite shade. Paper lanterns hung over the central market on Aurum Avenue, much like flowers blooming on the fertile plains of rural Midania in the month of May. Merchants were as busy as bees, not putting this opportunity to waste. From arts and crafts to food and drinks, everyone was on a spending spree, oh so wild and free!

The lanterns lit up with candlelight as the moon rose to give her blessing. The constellation of light and colors was as surreal lucid dream, as if one was immersed in the Milky Way. On the eve of Mila’s coronation as the Crown Princess, rain started pouring and the drenched lanterns fell onto the cold wet ground. Thunder and lightning joined in the party, a weird sight as wet season was months away.

The omen did not end there. In the Royal Palace, sparks were emanating from Mila’s room. As her mother the Queen opened the door, the commotion seemed to have ended. Mila was sound asleep.

Mila woke up to the sound of sea waves playing a cacophonous symphony. The crescendo of fishermen shouting at each other and the failed falsetto of the seagulls’ squawk paled in comparison to what she saw…

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