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Graphene Perm

If you are jaded with the arduous process of perming, or bored with the same ol’ styles, Graphene Perm is here to change that. A revolutionary perm made possible by the intersection of nature and science. Can be used with various machines or no machine at all.


Provides a perming experience that is up to 50% faster and healthier. Versatile in application and style, from the subtle Korean Perm, to the energetic Hippie Perm; from the K-Pop inspired Oppa Perm, to the bad-boy looking Twist Perm.


Graphene Technology enables the deep penetration of key ingredients, including both perming agents as well as nourishing ingredients. As such, it is up to 50% faster and healthier than a typical perm.

Unique Formulation

The Marean Series challenges the boundaries of art and science, with a plethora of good ingredients to bring the best out of your hair beauty regimen.


Better known as Japanese Hot Spring Water, Onsen-sui is rich in plant sulfur for better curl formation, lastingness and shine. It is also a natural source of alkalinity to reduce damage, whilst its carbonated nature reduces odor.

Desert Rose

Survivor of the harsh desert climate thanks to its succulent nature and the ability to deeply moisturize. Desert Rose nourishes and provides antioxidants for a more lustrous hair.


To provide a holistic nourishment, Graphene Perm is rich in both Amino Acid and Niacinamide. The former strengthens hair fibers as a building block of hair. The latter is a Vitamin B complex that boosts lipid barrier for a more hydrated and elastic hair. Niacinamide is also rich in antioxidants.


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