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An odyssey of exploration, enrichment, and discovery. 

The name MIDAN pays tribute to King Midas and his Golden Touch as we traverse cultural boundaries to bring you the best ingredients, products, and ideas. Unravel the ancient secret of Tahiti, feel inspired by the Age of Discovery in Italy, indulge yourself with the Icelandic Blue Lagoon and explore the Japanese concept of art and beauty.


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When a Nobel Prize winning material is applied to enhance and innovate art, fashion and beauty.

The Marean Series challenges the boundaries of art and science, with a plethora of good ingredients to bring the best out of your hair beauty regimen. Discover the wonders of Graphene, Essential Proteins (Amino Acids, Collagen, Keratin), Shikakai and iconic Moisturizing Ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Trehalose).

Marean Products

Omni Treatment
Treatment Shampoo


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Discover how the ancient treasure of Tahiti fuses with the Italian art of coloring through the Oceania Series.

The Oceania Series draws its inspiration from Tahiti and Italy. Mother nature has endowed us with a bountiful of ingredients. Learn how we infuse that into our journey of artistic expression.

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