Ash Hair

7 Types of Ash Hair to Try in 2022

Did you know that ash hair is more than just silver? Consider Ash Red, Ash Green, and more to stand out amongst your fashionista peers.

Ash Grey

The mother of it all, the quintessential ash hair. Some call it the ‘nanny’ hair for its grey-ness. It comes in a range of ash-ness.

Platinum & Platinum Blonde

Literally white. This is a very challenging color as it involves bleaching multiple times and removing virtually all the leftover yellow pigments. But hey, who doesn’t want to be Snow White… oh wait she has black hair.

Instead of removing all the yellow pigments, embrace it and voila, you get Platinum Blonde. Unlike the usual blonde, this is a more subtle and pastel take to it.

Ash Brown

We know, this might not be the color in mind when one mentions ash hair. Ash Brown is natural but not boring, fashionable but not flashy. It comes in a variety of ash-ness, brownness and brightness. Hence, we have a myriad of dessert names for it – caramel, milk tea, mocha, coffee, chestnut, etc.

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Ash Blue

Ash Blue gives an iridescent and aurora-like vibe, almost like you’re in fairyland sipping tea with Tinkerbell. You will definitely stand out with this ash variant.

Ash Green

Green with a cool undertone. The varying amount of yellow-ness gives it a variety of hues, from emerald to olive. Ash Green is perfect for people who want something bolder than Ash Brown but less drastic than Ash Grey.

Ash Red

Sounds like an oxymoron, we know. However, mixing these two shades that represent cool and warm shades respectively gives a unique rose like color, albeit with a more metallic and dreamy finish. The paradoxical nature of its shades makes it one of the most unique ash hair types out there.

Ash Purple

This smoky, metallic look is very photogenic and eye catching. Perfect for the highlight technique Ombre and Balayage. Depending on how much red you add, Ash Violet can range from plum to lavender.

With these 7 types of ash variants, 2022 will be a colorful year indeed. What more, you can change between some of these colors with a color mask instead to reduce hair damage in your coloring journey!

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