Can You Get Ash Brown without Bleaching?

Ash Brown Everywhere

All things ash has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially the subtle and more natural looking Ash Brown. Many like it for its duality – natural but not boring, fashionable but not flashy.

Do not be deceived! This brownish color usually requires hair bleach. We know bleach is a taboo amongst many, so here are 4 ways to achieve Ash Brown without bleach OR with minimal hair damage associated with bleach.

Option 1: Some Brands Do Not Require Bleaching

This only works if your hair is already relatively light (about Level 6) and not too coarse as this might hinder color pigment penetration. For Asians, this usually means having previously colored hair.

You can try IRIS Milk Tea Chestnut (C7.34). This method usually gives a darker and less cool Ash Brown as there are more natural orange pigments without bleaching.

Option 2: Use a Lightener Instead

Instead of using bleach, you can try lighteners. There are 2 types of lighteners. The first is similar to permanent colors and plateaus at Level 6-7. As such, the Ash Brown that you get is closer to that of Option 1.

The second kind is like bleach but less damaging. For instance, Midan Oceania Lightening Powder can lift to Level 8-9. This gives you a range of possible Ash Brown, including the lighter and cooler ones. The trade-off is a longer processing time since it is formulated to be less damaging (ammonia-free and enriched with several key ingredients).

Option 3: Give ‘Shampoo Bleach’ a Try

Also known as Bleach Wash, this is a classic technique before the advent of the other 3 options. As the name implies, simply mix bleaching powder, developer, shampoo and water (recommended ratio 1:1:1:1). However, this technique can only lift 2 levels at a time and cannot go higher than Level 8. 

Option 4: Add Specialized Treatment during Bleach

In the past, stylists would apply hair treatment after bleach. However, products have been developed to mitigate hair damage in the first place.  Some are used as a pre-treatment while others are added directly into the bleach mixture. One example is MIDAN Marean Omni Treatment which can be used either way. The innovation lies in Graphene Technology that enables deep penetration of amino acids, keratin and collagen to repair while bleaching, or any other salon service for that matter. This method allows you to get a repertoire of Ash Brown variants with minimal damage.

With these 4 alternatives, you no longer have to hesitate before giving Ash Brown a nod!

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